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The Jobshop / Creative Employment Access Society


Courtenay Recreation Lewis Centre
489 Old Island Hwy, Courtenay, Phone: 250-338-5371
Fax: 250-338-8600

Programs & Services

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Baby's Breath Canada

PO Box 5005, St. Catharines , L2R 7T4
Toll Free: 1-800-END-SIDS (1-800-363-7437)

To end all sudden unexpected infant deaths and stillbirths.

To prevent sudden and unexpected infant deaths and stillbirths.



Programs & Services

Advocate for and encourage research
Share information
Provide bereavement support to families

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Baptist Church, Courtenay Fellowship
2963 Lake Trail Road, Courtenay, V9N 9V2
Phone: 250-334-3432
Hours: Operates Tuesday 1 - 3pm and Sunday 10:30 – 11am

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1179 Kosapsum Crescent, Victoria, V9A 7K7
Phone: 250-381-7303
Fax: 250-381-7312
Toll Free: 1-888-815-5511 (TTY accessible)
Video Conferencing IP:

“Advancing the unique disability and health priorities of Indigenous persons through collaboration, consultation, and the delivery of comprehensive client services”

Programs & Services

Provides a variety of disability and health related information, support services and resources to Aboriginal communities, organizations and Aboriginal persons living with a disability.

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Box 20095, Vancouver, V5Z 0C1
Toll Free: 1-877-779-2223

Programs & Services

- helpline for anyone grieving the loss of a loved one
- telephone support and referral to community -based bereavement network
- resource directory of over 300 bereavement support groups/agencies in BC
- brochure "Guide to Bereavement Services" available upon request
- informative website
- multi-lingual and loss-specific brochures
- free support groups for survivors of homicide loss - call for more information

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Suite 2500, 900 West 8th Ave, Vancouver, V5Z 1E5
Phone: 604-875-6704
Fax: 604-875-0617
Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30 am – 4:30pm

The BC Epilepsy Society is a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to serving the well being of people living with epilepsy. We empower, educate, and support British Columbians living with epilepsy and their families, and fund research to find a cure.

Programs & Services
Provides a resource library, information materials in various languages, educational events, information and referral services, hospital outreach, support groups, and peer support.  Also offers seizure awareness workshops to schools, community support workers, employers, and community groups.  Provides financial assistance to children and youth so that they can attend summer camp, and awards post-secondary scholarships.

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Suite 201 - 3440 Douglas Street, Victoria, V8Z 3L5
Phone: main ph# 250-475-4770
Fax: 250-475-7551
Toll Free: 1-800-787-2807

Our mandate is to develop, manage and administer provincial and federal - provincial housing and properties.  BC Housing works with non-profit housing providers, co-ops, the private sector and government and health authorities to build and administer subsidized housing.  We also provide services to tenants who currently live in public housing.

Population Served:
Social housing provides shelter for low to moderate income seniors (including frail seniors), individuals with disabilities or special needs, women and children leaving transition homes, families, lower-income urban single adults (Vancouver), and those at risk of homelessness.

Programs & Services

M’Akola Housing - 2060 Laketrail Road, Courtenay BC
      Open only to people of First Nations status.
      To apply call: 250-923-4145

Lions Valley View Estates - 1547 Dingwall Road, Courtenay BC
      To apply call: 250-334-3340

d’Esterre Gardens - 1584 Balmoral Avenue, Comox BC
      Open only to seniors and adults with disabilities.
      To apply call: 250-339-5011  Monday to Friday 9am - 11am

Quadra Gardens - 1742 Beaufort Avenue, Comox BC
      Open only to seniors and adults with disabilities.
      To apply call: 250-339-5011  Monday to Friday 9am - 11am

Kiwanis Village - 635 Pidcock Avenue, Courtenay BC
      Open only to seniors and adults with disabilities.
      To apply call: 250-338-8651  Monday to Friday 9am - 11am

Independent Living BC (ILBC)
     A housing-for-health program, for seniors and people with disabilities who require some care, but do not need 24-hour facility care.

Shelter Aid For Elderly Renters (SAFER) 1-800-257-7756
      Monthly payment to low-income seniors, to help with the costs of renting.  Eligibility criteria apply. 

Rental Assistance Program (RAP)  1-800-257-7756
     Monthly payment to low-income working families, to help with the costs of renting in the private market.  Eligibility criteria apply.  Call for more information.

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BC MEFM SOCIETY Myalgic Encethalomyelitis / Fibromyalgia Society

Box 462, 916 West Broadway Avenue, Vancouver, V5Z 1K7
Toll Free: 1-888-353-6322

Contact: Brenda at 250-331-8502 ext 38123 (Courtenay) and Nel at 250-339-7765 (Comox) -
Programs & Services
- providing support to people with myalgic encethalomyelitis and fibromyalgia and their families
- helping to encourage early diagnosis and effective treatment
- helping educate physicians, paramedical professionals, family members and the community at
- large regarding myalgic encethalomyelitis and fibromyalgia and their treatment
- promoting research aimed at improving treatment and ultimately finding cures
- complex chronic disease clinic at BC Womens Hospital and Health Centre

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Head Office
3126 W. Broadway, Vancouver , V6K 2H3
Phone: 604-682-6482

Courtenay Branch (by appointment only)

#D – 2425 Rosewall Crescent, Courtenay BC V9N 8R9

Phone: 1-888-682-6482 (for initial appointment)

Programs & Services
- Individual therapy for male survivors of sexual abuse or male victims of domestic violence
- Educational outreach
- Residential Historical Abuse program and Crime Victim Assistance compensation available.
- Services are also open to transgender individuals, regardless of whether they are male-to-female or female-to-male transgender

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1668 Ryan Road East, 1668 Ryan Road East, V9M 7Z8
Phone: 250-339-7722
Hours: Tuesday to Sat 12am – 4:30pm

The BC SPCA is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and enhancing the quality of life for domestic, farm and wild animals in British Columbia. 

Programs & Services

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960 Cumberland Road, Courtenay, V9N 2E4
Phone: 250-334-3532
Fax: 250-334-3568

Programs & Services
- A variety of programs focusing on community & personal development
- Involvement opportunities for adults with mental handicaps
- Information and advocacy for people with mental handicaps and their families

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220 – 1175 Cook Street, Victoria, V8V 4A1
Phone: 250-386-6348
Toll Free: 1-877-826-4222
Hours: Monday to Friday 9am - 4pm

Programs & Services

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2001 Black Creek Road, Black Creek , Phone: 250-337-5190
Fax: 250-337-5192
Hours: Monday to Saturday 9am – 1pm Monday to Thursday 4 – 8pm

Programs & Services
- Equipped with a playing field and softball diamond, a children's playground, a fitness studio, a fenced/lighted Basketball / Hockey Court, Double Tennis Court with practice area and pickle ball lines as well as a Nature Trail leading to a Disc (Frisbee) Golf Course.
- A variety of recreational activities for children, youth, adults, seniors and families, including classes, workshops and special events.
- APRIL PROGRAM (Access to Programs and Recreation for Income Limited families & individuals) provides free and discounted access for low income families. Applications available at the Black Creek Centre.
- Hall Rentals for meetings, celebrations, workshops available with options to include kitchen space and access to outdoor facilities.

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Canadian Mental Health Association
2nd Floor, Duncan, V9L 3S4
Fax: 1-877-748-2606
Toll Free: 1-866-639-0522 ext.1

Contact: Lucy Morton - Administrative Assistant -

Bounce Back: Reclaim Your Health, Self-Help Program
Stressed? Depressed? and want skills....not just pills?

Bounce Back is an evidence-based, supported self-management program led by the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA BC) and designed to assist adults experiencing symptoms of mild to moderate depression, low mood, or stress, with or without anxiety.

Bounce Back offers two forms of self-help:
 - A DVD in English, Mandarin, or Cantonese
 - Workbooks with telephone coaching in English, French, Cantonese or Punjabi

Programs & Services

Important Information for Potential Participants
 - Bounce Back is for individuals aged 15 yrs.& up with mild/moderate depression, low mood or stress
 - It is not intended for severe depression and not for those who want counseling
 - It is a self-help program with a cognitive behavioural DVD for anyone in BC
 - Must be referred by a BC family doctor or nurse practitioner, or psychiatrist or mental health & addictions intake
 - There's free telephone coaching with well-written mood-improvement material
 - Participants only focus on personally-relevant topics and skills-building strategies
 - Self-selected workbooks or little booklets are sent by mail one or two at a time, or program can be done online
 - Coaching calls are short (approx. 15 minutes), focused on motivation and problem-solving,    self-paced (generally, 2 weeks apart), and self-dosed (usually, 3-5 phone calls)
 - Also an option for one or two 'booster-sessions' within six months after Bounce Back completion
 - Bounce Back was introduced in 2008 and is funded by the Provincial Health Services Authority
 - Bounce Back program is popular with both participants and health care practitioners
 - Bounce Back is effective: symptoms of depression and anxiety are reduced significantly, such that scores are essentially cut in half from pre-to post-Bounce Back participation
- For more information, visit, call 1-866-639-0522 (toll free in BC), or ask your family doctor about Bounce Back


Bounce Back offers three forms of self-help:

- Video available in English, French, Mandarin, Cantonese, Punjabi, Farsi or Arabic

- Supported self-help program with workbooks and telephone coaching in English, French or Cantonese

- Independent self-help program with workbook modules and materials available online

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243 4th Street, Courtenay, V9N 1G7, Courtenay, V9N 1S4
Phone: 250-338-7582
Fax: 250-338-7592
Hours: By appointment

Contact: LOCAL: Kelly Barnie (Director of Marketing and Communications), Dayna Brentnall (Parenting Programs Coordinator), Vivian Vaillant (Youth Program Coordinator), Sarah Beaton (Program Supervisor-Aspen), Ann Milligan (Program Supervisor-Brooklyn). NANAIMO HE -

To provide a safe, supportive place where children, youth and families can experience new opportunities, overcome barriers, build positive relationships and develop confidence and skills for life. 

Programs & Services

Affordable programs to support healthy youth and healthy families (sponsorships available: please inquire)

Parenting Without Power Struggles: an education and group support program for parents of pre-teens ages 9-13

Parents In the Know: 10-week, professionally facilitated education and group support program for parents of teens ages 13-18.

Parents Together Program: an education and group support program for parents experiencing parent/teen conflict or concerned with their teen’s behavior. Both parent programs require participants to attend an orientation to ensure the program will meet their needs. Email:

Parenting Programs Contact Information: (250-338-7141) Confidential support and resource referral for parents.

Day Camps: Affordable day camps for children ages 5-12 years. Each camp includes out trips around our Island as well as crafts, games and sports. Offered during school holidays and Pro D days.

Before and After School Program: At Aspen Park Elementary & Brooklyn Elementary (afternoon pick up available from Ecole Robb Road). These licensed programs include “Core Programming” activities and field trips focused on Creative Arts, Physical Activity, Nature, Nutrition, Education Support, Social and Life Skills, Financial Literacy, Cultural Diversity and Leadership Development & Entrepreneurship.

Teen Entrepreneur Network Club:  For youth aged 13-18 who are interested in building a strong financial future through the world of entrepreneurship.  The program supports youth who are looking to design their own destiny by gaining valuable business knowledge, networking with local businesses, building peer relationships, and developing leadership skills.

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Public Health Nursing: VIHA
961 England Avenue, Courtenay, V9N 2N7
Phone: 250-331-8520
Fax: 250-331-8521

Programs & Services
Breastfeeding support available
Courtenay – Public Health Nursing Centre: Thursdays 10:00 – 12:00

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Box 9985 Stn Prov Govt, Victoria , V8W 9R6
Fax: 1-855-771-8788
Toll Free: 1-866-866-0800
Email: (general inquiries)

The British Columbia provincial government offers a universal bus pass for low-income seniors and persons with disabilities, providing unlimited access on any scheduled BC Transit bus.

Programs & Services

To qualify for the reduced-cost BC Bus Pass Program, you must be living in an area served by BC Transit and meet one of these criteria:

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204 - 456 West Broadway, Vancouver , V5Y 1R3
Phone: 604-875-0188
Fax: 604-875-9227
Toll Free: 1-800-663-1278
TTY: 604-875-8835
Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm

Membership fee: $15.00 per year
For over 35 years, the BC Coalition of People with Disabilities (BCCPD) has been a provincial, cross-disability voice in the community.We champion issues impacting the lives of people with disabilities through our direct services, community partnerships, advocacy, research and publications.

Programs & Services

Advocacy Access Program:  
BC Coalition of People with Disabilities, #204 – 456 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1R3
Phone: 604-872-1278 TTY: 604-875-8835 Fax: 604-875-9227
Toll Free: 1-800-663-1278)   Email:  Website:
Hours:  Monday to Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm

Our program works to secure the necessary income supports for people with disabilities to live with dignity and independence. Our program assists clients to:
- Apply for and appeal the denial of provincial and federal (CPP-D) benefitsObtain the health goods and services attached to disability benefitsUnderstand the rules about asset and earnings exemptions
Access and obtain information on subsidized housing

We also:
Provide information and referrals and workshops on disability benefits
Facilitate 2 pro bono legal clinics and a pro bono social worker who visits our office at least once a week

AIDS and Disability Action Program (ADAP):
An education program that reaches out to all disability communities.  The program provides specialized educational materials on HIV/AIDS for people with a variety of disabilities, raises awareness about AIDS as a disability and works in collaboration with HIV/AIDS organizations on issues of common concern.  Under ADAP, there are two other initiatives:

Wellness and Disability Initiative (WDI):
WDI offers health and wellness information in plain language and alternative formats.  Our Resource Centre helps people to learn how to live well, prevent illness and manage health issues.  Services include a research and reference service, an in-house library and a web site.

Health Literacy Network (HLN):
HLN links disability and other community groups, individuals and health care workers to raise awareness and increase access to health information.

Community and Residents Mentors Association Project (CARMA):
CARMA works with residents and staff of the George Pearson Centre. Through peer support it provides opportunities for collaboration between people with disabilities and service providers, and evaluates and conducts research on the impact of peer mentoring on clients’ quality of life.

Transition Magazine: Yearly subscription: $15.00 (4 issues)
Transition is an informative publication covering a broad range of issues of interest to people with disabilities, their families and caregivers, professionals and the general public.

Farmers on 57th:
Farmers on 57th is an urban farm project at a long-term care facility for people with disabilities. The gardens promote health, beauty, community connection and provide organic food for residents.

Emergency Preparedness Program
Our Emergency Preparedness Project works collaboratively with a broad network of disability organizations, people with disabilities, and the emergency management sector.  We publish reports, present workshops, and are working on a national project with volunteer Canada.

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