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Sales Associate - FULL TIME including benefits
Job ID: 7238
Start Date: ASAP
Wage: As Per Wage Scale
Hours: 32 hrs per week

*Contributes to meeting store sales budgets by maintaining customer service standards *Implements store layout plans to attract customers including window displays and merchandise displays; ensures attractiveness of the store                                                    *Tidy Maintenance                                                                                                    *Replenishes inventory levels based on Supervisors directions                                  *Contributes to the control of inventory by retrieving, sorting, and pricing as per directions; protects the store from inventory shrinkage by close visual monitoring                     *Contributes to the safety of staff and customers (e.g. snow removal, clear fire exits, no obstacles inside/outside store, cleans spillage and maintains store cleanliness)               *Takes responsibility for the accurate completion of all customer transactions including visa, debit, etc.                                                                                                                       *Performs other duties as assigned


1.To have the ability to sustain a daily routine of heavy lifting, reaching and bending. 2.To be willing to adapt to changes and interruptions in your normal work routine 3.The ability to maintain confidentiality with regards to information relating to employment. 4.A willingness to work with individuals or groups of differing backgrounds and cultures other than your own. 5.A willingness to adhere to a dress code of neatness and cleanliness. 6.An understanding of and support for the Mission Statement of The Salvation Army in Canada. 7. Current First Aid with CPR is considered an asset.

Company: The Salvation Army
Contact: Dawn Borgen
Address: #9 468 29th Street
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