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Support Worker
Job ID: 7460
Start Date: Immediately
Wage: 19-21ish an hour
Hours: flexable, 10-13 hours a week

Comox, BC. 10-13 hours a week with a very high functioning person/adult women with very high functioning Autism, buffer people, arrange and buffer house cleaners (or take role yourself, your choice), strong advocacy skills, organization in home, paper work support, etc., Community inclusion (outings), possible paid travel (flights, food, hotel, taxi's) to Calgary for medical specialists if interested (no babysitting just point a to point b). Later (costco, VV, sally ann etc., once organized) Someone with experience to aid myself to live independently due to being primarily wheelchair/walker bound. PM me if interested to discuss detail and forward you to the hiring agency with my recommendation, if suited. (pay range advertised at 19-22 an hour) I'm a giant nerd really, so not suited to any party/drink/drug folk. No behavioral challenges.


Experience required, knowledge of Asperger's a bonus. Strong advocacy skills needed.

Company: Milieu
Contact: Self (client)
Address: Comox
Apply By: Phone