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Job ID: 7978
Start Date: March
Wage: $18.50 to start
Hours: part time with potential for fulltime
Duties: Job Summary Responsible for the cultivation and care of the landscaping and grounds surrounding a business or building. Plants flowers, mows, pulls weeds, repairs structures, and maintains outside of building. Primary responsibilities • Perform groundskeeping and building maintenance duties. • Mow lawn either by hand or using a riding lawnmower. • Cut lawn using hand, power or riding mower and trim and edge around walks, flower beds, and walls. • Landscape by planting flowers, grass, shrubs, and bushes. • Rid grounds of pests such as mosquitos, wasps, ticks, and others. • Apply fertilizer to ground to enhance growth. • Shovel snow from walkways and sprinkle ice down to keep people from falling. • Perform routine maintenance duties such as applying plaster, fixing fountains, and other duties. • Sweep walkway of debris. • Cut down tree limbs that are posing a danger. • Trim shrubs and pull weeds. • Perform minor repairs and maintenance procedures on equipment utilized in groundskeeping. • Install lawn furniture. • Rake, mulch, and prune the grounds as needed. • Install rock, cement, lighting, water, and furniture. • Water plants and grass as needed and apply fertilizer. Drive truck with trailer, operate mowers, trimmers and blowers. Mulch garden beds, all aspects of lawn care. Supervise crew.
Requirements: Positive outlook, strong work ethic and willingness to serve the community with a purpose driven attitude. Aptitude for customer service.
Contact: Spencer Marshall
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