10 Comox Valley Job Search Reality Checks

  1. On average, it takes job seekers 9 months to secure employment.
  2. Salaries are lower here.
  3. The majority of jobs are in the sales and service sector.
  4. There are a large number of self-employed folks here…in fact, BC has the highest rate of entrepreneurs in Canada.
  5. Because of how competitive the job market is, including your professional references on your resume may give you an advantage over applicants who don’t.
  6. The Comox Valley is a tightknit community- use this to your advantage and network!
  7. When applying for a positon online, follow the applications instructions to a T- some employers will NOT consider applicants who don’t follow the outlined process.
  8. There are more part-time vs full-time positions, so if money is tight, you may need to 2 part-time jobs.
  9. Only 20% of jobs are advertised, meaning that 80% of available employment opportunities are filled by those who’ve dropped off resumes, or through networking.
  10. After an interview, make sure to follow up with a phone call or a card thanking the interviewer for their time. It makes a positive, and last impression, and once again, gives you a competitive edge over other applicants.