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Creative Employment Access Society (CEAS) is an incorporated non-profit society providing employment transition programs and services in the Comox valley. We are a progressive agency with a staff of 28 who provide services to thousands of local residents each year. Known to the local community as ‘The Jobshop’, we currently operate the following projects: Work BC Employment Services Centre, Vintage Advantage, Comox Valley Essential Skills Partnership, Aspire Consulting, Comox Valley Community Services Directory, Skills Connect for Immigrants and Safe Harbour.

In 1982 the Comox District Teachers’ Self-Help Centre was founded to meet the needs of unemployed teachers. Sponsored by the British Columbia Teachers Federation, it provided peer counseling and professional development workshops for out of work teachers. Various job creation projects were subsequently initiated including a French mini-school and a tutoring service. In 1985, a Job Entry project for youth received funding from the Canada Employment Centre (CEC), and in 1986 the first Comox Valley Work Experience program was funded by CEC.

In 1989 Creative Employment Access Society (CEAS) was incorporated to better serve the unemployed and underemployed community. We have successfully delivered employment related programs and services in the Comox Valley for 30 years. Throughout the years our society has provided programming to meet the needs of our community and we have adapted to deal with specific labour market issues present at the time. Some examples of the breadth and depth of our experience are: retraining for displaced commercial fishers; retraining for displaced forestry workers; training and work experience for agriculture workers; self-employment training and support for youth; employment skills training for youth, women, aboriginal persons, immigrants, and older workers; employment preparation for long term unemployed persons; essential skills training for youth; labour market research and analysis; community animation to support newcomers and diversity training.

Work Life BC Award of Merit
Creative Employment Access Society is the proud recipient of an Award of Merit from WorkLife BC. The award recognizes our commitment to work/life balanceWLmeritSM