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Summer Assistant Curator
Job ID: 15757
Start Date: July 1st, 2024
Wage: $25/hr
Hours: 35
Duties: Tasks and Responsibilities Regular tasks • Provide visitor security and guidance during regular park openings • Learn to give a tour of the sculpture collection • Be available to open the park and supervise visits outside regular opening days • Assist with set-up and tear down of special events, including AV, signage, and barriers • Park administration: Record-keeping, archive addition, cleaning and tidying spaces Interpretive The assistant curator will take on one or more special projects throughout the summer these could include: - Adding new tours or information to our audio guide system - Developing mini-interpretive booklets on the sculptor or specific series - Developing new online collections of drone videos and other media for researchers - Creating multimedia content for online offering - Creating educational workshops - Creating exhibits on existing knowledge products or following academic events
Requirements: You must be able to access Hornby Island (please see special location note) Must be between 15 and 30 years old on July 1st and be a Canadian citizen or resident. Background and skills Education or Experience sought: - A first university degree in the arts, humanities is an asset but not a requirement - Experience relevant to the above duties can substitute for a degree Skill set sought (please elaborate any of these you have): - An interest or background in the arts is an asset - Writing skills, art analysis, and public communication are assets - Experience with managing special events is an asset - Marketing and advertising skills, including design - Skills with online social media is an asset - Digital media software or production of digital media is an asset - Computer skills in word, excel, internet search etc.
Company: The Jeffrey Rubinoff Sculpture Park
Contact: Karun Koernig
Notes: Background to the park The 200-acre Jeffrey Rubinoff Sculpture Park exhibits a collection of over 105 monumental steel sculptures by the late Canadian artist Jeffrey Rubinoff. The park is open to the public for visits, tours and special events at regularly scheduled times from mid-July to mid-August. Outside of regular openings, visitors can request visits or tours. The park manages a program of academic study of the work and thought of Jeffrey Rubinoff, with an archive and library on site. In addition to an annual scholarly Forum in June, the park publishes books, and provides scholarships and awards to further the study of ‘Art as a Source of Knowledge’. Visits through special events increased dramatically in 2023 and in 2024 the goal is to maintain the momentum with several newly planned music and sound art events. Additionally, an opportunity exists to improve our offering for online audience who cannot physically view the collection. Please see for more information. Special Location Statement Please note this is NOT a remote work position. Assistant Curators are required to be present at the Sculpture Park is located on Hornby Island BC. Hornby Island requires two ferries to get to from Vancouver Island. Accommodation for the work period on Hornby or Denman Island is the most convenient option, however, rental accommodation is limited and extremely busy during the summer tourist season. Commuting from the Comox Valley is an option, but please note fuel and ferry costs are NOT included in the contract. The daily trip would cost $40 each day for each of the 40 days of the contract, with a motorcycle it would be $25. To apply 1. To apply please send a resume or CV if you have one (if not, give some details in email) 2. Don’t write a formal cover letter, just send me an informal email explaining: Section A: how your experience skills could contribute to the team. Section B: Your education or relevant experience if you’d like that considered instead Section C: Indicate if you have accommodation and where, if not, where you plan to live, and what type of transportation you plan to use. Section D: Optional - Any web links to work you think is relevant to the position, or social media accounts you manage, please include them. Section E: Age, Birthday and confirmation that you are a citizen or resident Deadline May 31st or until the position is filled Please send applications of questions by email to the curator Mr. Karun Koernig karun AT
Address: 2750 Shingle Spit Road, Hornby Island BC
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