Looking for Work Can be Exhausting!

Looking for work can be exhausting! Pounding the proverbial pavement day after day, and not getting call backs can take its toll on you mentally and emotionally. A way to handle this stress is through time management!

  1. Develop a schedule and stick to it. Staying up late and sleeping in can be temping, but looking for work is a full-time job, therefore make sure you’re getting up early 5 days a week and spending 6-8 hours every day on your job search. It’s not enough to apply for jobs via email or employment websites (like Indeed, Craig’s List or LinkedIn). Get out in the community to network and make connections! Conduct informational interviews and ask around to find out who’s hiring.
  2. Structure your day. Allocate time to review the newspapers and websites, and revise your resume and cover letter on a job-by-job basis. Carve out time for breaks and lunch, and make sure you spend some time every day cold calling, and/or networking. Schedule your personal errands after your ‘work day’ has ended.
  3. Don’t delay! It’s human nature to put off doing undesirable tasks (maybe you don’t like networking- most of us don’t), but procrastinating leads to missed opportunities.

Sticking to a schedule makes it easier to transition back into a work routine once you secure a job. It keeps your days structured and with purpose, provides a framework for your job search, and keep the ‘out of work blues’ away. Some job seekers like to make daily to-do lists; checking items off your list, no matter how small can be rewarding and provide a sense of accomplishment. Remember, only a small percentage of jobs are actually advertised, so get out there and beat the bushes!