Preparing for an Interview

It’s difficult to remain calm in a stressful situation, but by preparing for a job interview you will be more relaxed. Here are 10 helpful hints:
• Study, study, study the job posting! Be prepared to speak about how your skills match the requirements with specific examples.
• The interview starts the second you walk in the door of the business/organization. Be polite and courteous to the receptionist. Chances are, the interviewers will ask the receptionist how you behaved while waiting.
• Make sure you phone is stashed away, and is on silent.
• Always have extra copies of your resume on you when you go to the Interview, that way you’re prepared if the interviewer doesn’t have a copy, or there is a last-minute addition to the review panel.
• Make sure your clothing is clean, ironed, and work appropriate. Wear a collared shirt if possible, avoid wearing jeans, and make sure your shoes are polished, and free of dirt.
• Do not wear strong colognes or perfumes, avoid smoking immediately before going into your interview, and don’t chew gum.
• Make friendly eye contact.
• Avoid fidgeting, and be aware of your body language; non-verbal communication can speak volumes!
• Look the business/organization up on-line beforehand and familiarize yourself with their values and mission statement. You’ll wow the interviewer with your knowledge of their organization, and it will help you develop thoughtful follow up questions for the end of the interview.
• Have at least 3 questions prepared to ask at the end of the interview. It demonstrates that you’re engaged, and invested in the direction your career takes.