What services are available in the Self Serve Centre?

The WorkBC Centre Courtenay Self-Serve Centre is open with 4 computers available for job search purposes. No appointment is necessary. Drop-in during business hours. The self-serve centre closes 15 minutes before the end of the workday.  Booking time is still available if you wish. Call 250-334-3119.

Job Postings
We post the help wanted sections from local newspapers. Local employers also call us to have jobs posted in our online job bank.

Faxing of Job Search Documents
If you need a resume faxed to an employer, we can fax up to five a day for you. Job search tip: faxing of resumes is not an effective way to contact employers. It is best used only when the employer has specified that resumes should be faxed.

Career Resource Centre
You will find a large selection of books, newspapers, newsletters to assist you with your job search and help you gather labour market information. An Employment Councillor is on hand for quick consultations.

Computer Use
Computers are available for conducting career research, applying for jobs on-line, and word processing job search documents. For complete details, see our computer use policy.

Long Distance Calls
Applying for work out of town? You can make up to five long distance calls a day. The calls must be directly employment related.

Message Service
If you are temporarily without a phone, we can provide you with a message number to include on resumes. Messages that are not directly related to your job search will not be taken.