The JobShop

Who is eligible for the Wage Subsidy Program?

Job seekers must:

  1. be unemployed or working less than 20 hours a week, and receiving Employment Insurance benefits or have had a claim in the past 5 years  or have worked any 5 of the last 10 years earning a minimum of $2000 of insurable earnings in each of those years or
  2. be an individual who meet the requirements of the Single Parent Employment Initiative and
  3. be a client of the Work BC Employment Services Centre or become one and
  4. have been identified by their Employment Counselor as needing work experience.

Employers must:

  1. be registered and in business for a minimum of 1 year
  2. be in good standing with Canada Revenue, Worksafe, Employment Standards and Employment insurance
  3. offer training, supervision and a permanent position with a minimum of 35 hours/week of work, unless the potential new hire has a need for less hours.